Meghalaya: Day 2- An ambitious itinerary!

Meghalaya: Day 2- An ambitious itinerary!

On our second day in Meghalaya we were all ready to hug the mountains!
So, after a good night’s sleep, Yash had come up with a pretty good itinerary. We had decided that we are not going to waste a single minute of the day. Our day started at 7 and by 9:45 had packed our bags, had our breakfast and were all good to go. So the first thing we did after checking out was hitting the bazaar! Yes, we love to shop.

Photo credits: Yash Chavan

When we reached the first stop for the day, the police bazaar, the shops were still opening. Let me tell you something, if the shop is open at 10:25 but the owner says, they will start selling at 10:30 then they WILL start the sells at 10:30. We had a big shopping list and an hour to complete the challenge. So we spread out and found out 2 shops that have good stuff at reasonable prices!

Photo credits: Yash Chavan

You ask me, what to shop in shillong?
Well, the list is nice and big.

  1. You must bring home the creatively woven bamboo baskets
  2. You can also buy traditional khasi shawls and scrubs.
  3. The coffee and tea!                       
  4. You can also add the many varieties of pickles made by local people to your bag. But, between you and me, bamboo pickle is the best!

So, we had filled our bags with goodies by 11:30 and we were on our way to the next stop for the day, the Elephant Falls!

Photo credits: Yash Chavan

Elephant falls are around 13 km from shillong on the way to Cherrapunjee. This is a proper tourist place and to the people who don’t like tourist places, I’ll say, DON’T YOU DARE MISS THIS. The reason is simple, the falls are simply spectacular. These falls which fall on three different rocks are the sight for sore eyes! Well, it was a tourist place, so we followed the tradition and clicked quite too many selfies.
After checking elephant falls off our list successfully, it was time to check in into our hotel at Sohra, Cherrapunjee.
But wait, we still had two more stops on the list.
Arwah caves and Mausami caves are right around the corners of Sohra.

On our way to Sohra, when the 80’s music was on and we were singing at the top of our voices, it appeared. A fog so thick you can barely see the road. It was around 1:30 in the noon and a sunny day had dramatically changed into a foggy one. Making our way through the fog, we reached the bridge that marks the start of Cherrapunjee. A signboard having the words “YOU ARE ENTERING A LITTER-FREE ZONE” written over it caught my attention as we crossed the bridge. It was 1:00 o’clock and my tummy was craving for food. To our luck there was a nice cafe right by the highway. So, we stopped and hogged.

Yash Chavan, Shillong, Police Bazar, Things to shop in shillong, North east, Meghalaya

Photo credits: Yash Chavan

On the other side of the cafe there is a view point where you can lose yourself in the deep green color of the mesmerizing valley! It was quite a surprise when we saw a little hut with a sign board that said “pioneer  adventure tours”. When we went up to the hut and inquired, it turned out to be a zip lining center. It was just perfect. Neer and I immediately put on the gear while Yash chose to cheer us up. I won’t be lying if I say that it was the best thing I have experienced in my life so far! I was flying for crying out loud! BEST THING EVER. After playing Desi Indiana Jones, we hopped onto our ride and rode till we reached Arwah caves.

Yash Chavan, Shillong, Police Bazar, Things to shop in shillong, North east, Meghalaya, Things to do in Meghalaya. Arwah Caves, Caves of Meghalaya, Caves, Cherrapunjee, Indian traveller,
Photo credits: Yash Chavan

When we reached there, it was 3 o’clock. To reach the caves, you have to go from a footpath which goes around the mountain to the caves. This fifteen minute walk is just amazing! It’s so silent that you can hear the waterfalls beneath and the chirping of crickets around. Enjoy this nature’s gift before embracing the spectacular entrance of the caves. Mind your steps on these slippery stones while you appreciate this marvel. Don’t wonder around like Neer did. He was lucky to have found us again.

Yash Chavan,, Shillong, Police Bazar, Things to shop in shillong, North east, Meghalaya, Things to do in Meghalaya, Arwah Caves, Caves of Meghalaya, Caves, Cherrapunjee, Indian traveller,
Arwah Cave

Photo credits: Yash Chavan

One more thing that Neer did which you mustn’t do. Do not take the rugged path to your way out from the cave. Yes, there are two ways to the cave. Always take the safer, serene footpath.Yash Chavan, Shillong, Police Bazar, Things to shop in shillong, North east, Meghalaya, Things to do in Meghalaya. Arwah Caves, Caves of Meghalaya, Caves, Cherrapunjee, Indian traveller,

This whole visit ideally takes 2 hours even if you are a sloth. But we had cameras and the view from the little balcony on the footpath was so spectacular that it was around 6:30 when we were done and were ready to move to Mausami caves. It was late and the other cave was already closed. So we had to change our ambitious itinerary and push the other caves onto next day. Fiasco:
Like this wasn’t enough, Yash got another shock when he called our hotel to inform them of our arrival. The manager said that they don’t have such booking even though we had booked the place well in advance on and we had the confirmation with us. Apparently,’s service is as tacky as their name. We did a hotel booking for 2 nights from We also received a confirmation email, conforming our bookings. On the email it was very clearly mentioned that “No need to pay advance” “All money to be paid at the hotel”. But to our surprise when we reached the hotel they said they have no bookings on our name and we should have paid an advance which was no where written on website or the confirmation email. We three guys were hopeless and lost in an unknown village in a different state, with no where to go. But luckily the home stay owner gave us contact numbers of local home stays near by. Finally late in the evening when there was no light in that area we struggled and found a Home stay. It was a humble house with primitive facilities. However, it was very comfortable. Not only the host was kind and helpful, he gave us free refreshments also!

It was 7:30 in the evening and everyone was hungry. Fortunately, we found a hotel nearby. It served a limited menu. Okay, we need to establish at this point that, all around Meghalaya  following menu remains the same; Chicken, fish, pork and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, well, you will get potato and okra. Yes, that’s it.

Fear not, though the dishes are simple, they finger licking good! After the dinner we headed back to our cozy home stay. The next day was going to be the most rigorous day as we had planned to trek to the double root bridge. So we tucked ourselves in our warm beds while the thunderstorm outside sung a lullaby.

Stay tuned for the story of our epic journey to the double root bridge!


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