Good Bye Mumbai. Hello Pune! :)

Every now and then traveling from Thane to CST, just to explore the city. I couldn’t get enough of, making way through the narrow crowded streets and climbing atop those huge buildings and witness the miracle called mankind!
For a true Mumbaikar, no local is too crowded, no place is unsafe, we always find a way out of tough spots, well, our city trained us for it.
So today when I am leaving you, I will miss this, but I am excited and prepared to take on newer challenges and accomplish a future for myself.
Now it’s time to explore a new city, meet new people and learn newer things along the way. I am moving just 140 kms from my home to a place Popularly known as “Vidya che Maaher Ghar”. Pune here I come.Yash chavan, photonerd.

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