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Hello Humans and other alien forms out there,

About me? Yeah! Tell me about yourself?
Well, hi I’m Yash, and I’m 18
Just another teenager with an overpriced camera who also happens to click good pictures, suppose. I knew I was going to start clicking pictures right from the time I held my grandfather’s first camera, Also because he told me to click his pictures (NO KIDDING). I completed my 12th grade and then moved on to do bachelors in computer sciences.
I started Photography as a hobby. Many of my friends and family members suggested starting a photography page on Facebook! But uploading pictures on Facebook on a daily basis and tagging all  your friends is just preposterous. So I decided to make my own blog.  I had this idea since a long time, but then recently I read this quote..

            "Don't dream about something, just get up and do it"

And it actually inspired me, The next thing I did was a lot of research on blogging and well now here I’m on my blog. I hope you like my vision and the vision I have captured in my canon.
Hopefully, this thing works out well.

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